Hauerslev Engineering is an engineering company within the arms industry. Here, designs, prototypes, and analyzes are carried out all the way to finished products. From the first idea to the final product ready for sale, Hauerslev Engineering is involved.

As for products, we work with weapons up to a caliber of Ø40mm, but other and larger calibers can easily come into question. Products are developed using known weapons technologies and tooling, but more modern technologies such as additive manufacturing, products within electronic warfare, signal jammers and A.I. A.T.R. Artificial Intelligence Automatic target recognition are also being developed.

In addition, Hauerslev Engineering carries out repairs on all types of weaponry, including, NVG, infrared and thermal optics.

Special/unique/hard to get weapons can be obtained. Weapons are either sold directly or converted into repeaters or deactivated. Handed-in weapons can be destroyed.


Hauerslev Engineering do not have stock. Everything is being imported on request!